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Sunrise to Sunset Trips

Our occasional Sunrise to Sunset trips take us to the islands of Koh Tang, Koh Prins, Condor Reef and even further. The far islands are known for their good visibility, colorful soft corals and the chance to spot large pelagic animals such as whalesharks. To be able to dive the far islands, the wind and weather conditions need to be near perfect since the travel time towards the open ocean is between 3 and 5 hours one way.

It is mandatory to check again about weather conditions a few days before the trips departure. For us safety is always the main priority and there is always the chance that we may have to cancel our trip or redirect towards another location.

Sunrise to Sunset

If the weather is good enough, we occasionally run exploration trips to search for unknown dive sites and shipwrecks. Get in touch if you like to become part of an exploration trip to have the possibility to dive unknown dive sites!

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