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Angkor Wat Ta Phrom Tempel Phnom Penh City

The main tourist attractions in Cambodia are the ancient Temples next to Siem Reap. It is absolutely stunning; some of the Temples are overgrown by rainforest which creates an awesome view. If you have time then the capital Phnom Penh is recommended, a nice place to do a stopover too.


Sihanoukville Beach Otres Beach Sunset in Sihanoukville Sunbathing Local Food Girls on the Beach

Sihanoukville is the main costal town of Cambodia.

Koh Rong Samleum

Sunset at Koh Rong Samleum Sunset at the Robinson Beach Sunset at Koh Rong Sanleun Sunset at Koh Rong Sanleum Sunset Robinson Private Beach

Jungle Bungalow

Diveshop Bungalows

Robinson Bungalow Resort

Photos by Thanks a lot for these stunning pictures.

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Koh Rong Island

Waterbuffalo Koh Rong Beach Beach in front of the Paradise Bungalows Construction Material Bridge to Paradise Paradise Bungalows Children of Koh Tui Restaurant The Dive Shop

Welcome to one of the last real paradise islands left.

Underwater Gallery Aaron

Batfish Crab in Anemone Decorator Crab Discodoris boholiensis Hermit Crab Scorpionfish Flabellina Coral Sawbladeshrimp

Photos by Aaron Perchais.

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A Day of Diving

The Small Boat The Large Boat Diving Love Fresh Fruits After the Dive Sunset

Here are some snapshots of a typical day out diving in Cambodia.

Liveaboard Trip

The Liveaboard Boat Dive Briefing Dinner Divesite Preparing Food After the Dive On the Surface Sunset Happy Divers

The outer islands such as Koh Tang, Koh Prins and Koh Pulau Weh are just reachable by over night trips. Its worth it, here is where you find the best dive sites in Cambodia!

Underwater Gallery Dennis

Flabellina Trevallys Jorunna Seahorse Fussiliers Porcupinefish Jellyfish Koh Prins Starfish Clownfish Vietnamese Diver Waterbuffalo

Photos by Dennis Funke.

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Expedition Burma Maru by Mikko

Trip to Cambodia Long trip to the wreck 55m depth at the wreck Huge coral growth The bow of Burma Maru OK signal Technical Diver Inspecting the wreckage Dive Team

Photos by Mikko Paasi.

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Underwater Gallery by Roth Khoeun

Dive in Cambodia Dive in Cambodia Dive in Cambodia Dive in Cambodia Dive in Cambodia Dive in Cambodia

Photos by Roth Khoeun, PADI DM and Video/Photographer.

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Underwater Gallery Pash Baker

Varicose Wartslug Shrimp Crown of Thorns Hermit Crab Beaked Coralfish Anemone

Photos by Pash Baker. Thanks to Pash as well as Coral Cay Conservation.