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Burma Maru Expedition

Date Published: February 26th 2017

Author: The Dive Shop Cambodia

"Expedition Burma Maru" was set to solve the mystery of the long lost Japanese cargo steamer Burma Maru.

Divers in the water

The Burma Maru (4585brt) was sunk by the submarine USS Swordfish on the 12th of June 1942 during WW2 some 60 nm south-west of Koh Rong, Cambodia.

After a long but very exiting search we are proud to say that she has been found on 21st of February 2017 after being lost for almost 75 years!

The liveaboard trip was great fun and it has been a pleasure to dive with such a professional team. We believe that this trip came with some records as well; we think that it has been the first time that Trimix - a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and helium - has been blended and used for diving in Cambodia.

The wreck of the Burma Maru is laying upright at around 67 m depth. The upper part of the wreck lays in a depth of 53 m.

We are already planning our next visit to dive her again!

Old documents about the Burma Maru
Depth sounder showing Burma Maru image
Diver on the wreck
Cannon on the Burma Maru
Debris on the wreck site
The dive team

The expedition was organized and executed by:

  Davy Jones Locker (

  Koh Tao Tec Divers (

  and The Dive Shop Cambodia.

Dive Team:

  Dennis Funke, Tim Lawrence, Ivan Karadzic, Oliver Zaiser, Mikko Paasi and Leon Webber.