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Meet Stephanie, Conservation Manager

Date Published: March 17th 2016

Author: The Dive Shop Cambodia

Meet Stephanie, our conservation manager and divemaster trainee.

Steph with an elephant

"I came to Cambodia in May 2014 as part of my worldwide travel experience and was so captivated by the beauty of Cambodia I had to stay longer. I began my diving course late 2014, breath taken by the underwater world I decided to create my own personal marine project; documenting what was present at each dive site so we could make the diving experience even more fascinating by knowing what you are looking at. Over time this lead to recording both terrestrial and marine species and late 2015 a partnership with the diveshop was made to help protect the islands beauty that so many take for granted. Together we created 'The Wonderful Wildlife of Samloem' and we are striving to conserve the islands marine and terrestrial wildlife in balance with community living and education."