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Meet The Team: Lukas

Date Published: November 22nd 2012

Author: The Dive Shop Cambodia

Meet The Team: Lukas

Lukas first started diving when he first came to Australia. When visiting the great barrier of reef, he tried a scuba diving experience program, and soon get caught by the diving bug! Ever since he came back from the trip, all he could think about was diving. After a period of on and off diving, he finally made his mind and turned his passion into a professional career, where he did his IDS in Thailand. He is now part of the team in The Dive Shop Cambodia.

"Diving has truly changed my life and I wish I could extend my excitement to my future students. As we have more divers in the world, we will increase our awareness of how important it is our sea, especially I hope to change how people see the ever misunderstood creatures, sharks"