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Valentine B, TripAdvisor May 2020

"We spent 3 days in Koh Rong Samloe, there are 3 scuba diving centers on the island but when we asked iaround everyone recommanded us to go to The Dive Shop. Out of the 3 people, it was the first time scubadiving for 2 of us. Dominic and Rey were very professional and explained the purpose of each equipment and took us on the beach to practice before jumping out of the boat which made us more confident. The atosphere on the boat was great, they even showed us the fishes we may be able to see and the name of each. On the way to the first dive the captain spotted dolphins and stopped the boat for us to take some pictures. Lunch was included and very tasty. We will definately visit again, highly recommanded ! Thank you so much for an incredible experience!"

Melina M, TripAdvisor February 2020

"I loved my open water cert course! I did the 4 day as learning the PADI material on your own can be confusing and costs more than doing it in "the classroom" of the dive shop with your fellow students and an instructor like Junior who was fun and helpful and easy to learn from. Ray took us out to the water. This guy is a pro. Lots of fun too, great sense of humor, and really makes sure you know what you need to know. The whole experience was smooth, easier than I got myself worried it would be and we saw neat fish! The instructors are genuinely interested in marine life too, so they'll geek out with you about the things you'll see down there :) I liked the whole crew, Sam, Dom, Simon the Master diver in training, everyone is friendly and down to earth and super on their game under water. Made it a breeze! The person who replies to email, Zia, seems a little distracted and gave both me and my classmates some confusing information (or missed on sharing information) so I do recommend just read the website up and down First if you've got any logistical questions. The island itself has little or no wifi and zero cell reception, so just be prepared for that. The dorm is minimal, but the balcony hangout area is nice. Plus you'll be exhausted from breathing 15 meters under the sea, so it won't matter. Great island, great people. Enjoy!"

Darcy J, TripAdvisor February 2020

"We done our PADI open water dive course with The Dive Shop on Koh Rong Samloem, It was a enjoyable 4 days with Ray our instructor."

Tanja J, TripAdvisor January 2020

"I can totally recommend the Dive Shop Cambodia for completing your OWD certificate! The staff is super professionell, lovely and nice. From the beginning everything was already super organized. We had an awesome time at Koh Rong Samloem!"

Tammie J, TripAdvisor January 2020

"We had a great time doing our Open Water Dive Certification with Ray at the Dive Shop on Koh Rong Samloem. Ray was friendly and helpful, explaining all aspects of the course clearly and making sure we were all comfortable before doing each element, making the whole experience enjoyable. Can’t wait to put our new skills into action!"

Donna P, TripAdvisor January 2020

"My friend and I both really wanted to become a certified open water diver. We found the Dive Shop online and thought it was a good place to go. And it was. The staff is really nice and our instructor Dominic was just so relaxed and he really listens to you and wants to answer all your questions. At one point I couldn’t make the dive because I had this pressure going on in my ear. I was a bit worried if it would have any consequences on my certificate. But it wasn’t a problem at all, in fact Dominic took me on another tour the next day so I could make the dive. Very good service."

Elske, TripAdvisor December 2019

"Went for a day trip to amazing dive spots near an island 2-3 hours sailing from Koh Rong Samloem. It was a breathtaking experience, with visibility of 30+ metres and beautiful surroundings. Saw rays, sweetlips, moray eel and many more local inhabitants :) The dive shop crew is a bunch of amazing people - amazing to spend time with but also professional, engaging and accountable. We loved diving with you guys and would do it again 10/10!! Thank you so much for providing us with this amazing trip (and the other dives as well, naturally). Dive spots near Samloem were less idyllic - visibility was poor when we were there, but then again; we've only seen a couple of the many spots that are around the islands. Still heaps to explore!"

Leah D, TripAdvisor October 2019

"I had a great time taking Open Water Diver with the Dive Shop Cambodia. The staff were knowledgeable, helpful, and made sure we were safe. We stayed in the dorm on Sunset Beach, which was very beautiful (more so than the other side of the island). One thing to be aware of is that during the low season they dive from the side of the island that the dorm isn't on. If you stay in their dorm you have to hike over the island (25 minutes) to get to and from the main dive shop. This wasn't a problem for us, but some people may want to book accommodations on their own so they don't have to do the hike twice a day. The price was lower than some other dive shops we looked at, but we didn't feel that affected the quality of our experience."

Charlie W, TripAdvisor August 2019

"For a large group of first-time divers everything was handled brilliantly, all the instructors were friendly and brilliant at teaching us to pass our open water diver, patiently helping us through all the struggles. Couldn't recommend enough for anyone interested in diving all ages."

Madeline W, TripAdvisor August 2019

"Absolutely loved my time at the Dive Shop Cambodia! The staff were amazing and very patient as well as supportive. The dive shop accommodation was also very nice as well as the food everyday :)"

Bronagh, TripAdvisor July 2019

"Every single member of the dive shop team made me and the rest of our group feel completely accommodated for and at ease right from the minute we stepped on the island. Being a little bit more nervous that the rest of my team my instructor Pete went out of his way to take me one on one to make sure I still completed my qualification at my own pace and was very patient with me. Amazing group of leaders and will definitely be back."

Ken B, TripAdvisor June 2019

"Great bunch of guys - very attentive and helpful. I left my dive card at home, so Patrick tried to find me in the Padi database, but no luck, so he said I could go along on the dive trip (at a very good price) and at least snorkel at the two dive spots, which I did. I observed Dennis and Junior with their two students each, and I thought they did a great job with them; Patrick handled logistics on the boat. All were friendly and attentive to myself as well. I saw lots of fish and great corals during my snorkeling. The only downside was the poor visibility, made worse as it was an overcast and rainy day. Overall a very good experience, and I would definitely recommend their services."

Samuel, TripAdvisor June 2020

"Me and my girlfriend completed the Open Water PADI with The Dive Shop with the terrific instructor Junior. Luckily for us it was just the two of us for the course. Throughout Junior was attentive, supportive and made sure we had lots of fun. His passion for diving was very apparent and definitely has seeped through to us as well! A truly brilliant instructor who opened my eyes to the world of diving. The equipment all seemed good quality and we were given lunch for all 4 days. There was also water, coffee and fruit on the boat. We went in monsoon season, and so the Sunset Beach branch was closed and The Dive Shop instead operated from Saracen Bay. We stayed over at the dorms at Sunset Beach, which was a hot 30 min walk through the jungle twice a day (though beautiful and full of wildlife). If you go in the off season, be aware that Sunset Beach is very quiet, which is great as you have an almost private beach but it does mean theres not a lot to do that side. However the accomodation is free with the course. One small point is that organisation could be improved, as there was a mix up with our pickup from Sihanoukville the first morning, and when we got to the Sunset Beach dorms we were not expected. However the staff were very apologetic and everything was sorted very quickly. Overall I would highly recommend The Dive Shop, we felt very looked after and the friendliness and attentivness of the staff was excellent. I highly recommend asking for Junior who was a great instructor all around."

M Eline, TripAdvisor June 2019

"I did the open water with my boyfriend today and had the pleasure of being taught by Junior for 4 days. He was nice and slow teaching us, making sure we perfected everything. We really got the impression that he wanted to ensure we became fully competent and safe divers. He was also a great person to chat to and was very friendly. We came in low rainy season (late June) and decided to stay at the dorms as the diving centre offer free accommodation which is very nice. We were the only ones staying at the dorms as it was off season and it was a 30 minute walk through the jungle to get there but we knew all of this before so we were prepared for it. The location of the dorms is beautiful on sunset beach - in low season it was practically a private beach! Although we came in the evenings most nights as there was not much do to/drink/eat on that side of the island. There was a bit of a mix up at the start as we were waiting to be picked up in Sihanoukville and no one turned up. We got over to Sanloem in the end and as soon as we met the owner, Dennis he was really apologetic and it seemed to be a true exception. I could not have asked for a better instructor than Junior and he has made me fall in love with diving!"

Floranti, TripAdvisor February 2019

"The PADI Open Water Diving Course is a great experience. I strongly recommend the Dive Shop for the high quality organization. Louis is an excellent instructor : very professionnal, motivating and enthusiastic. He enables you to become confident in diving. That is perfect !"

Sean T, TripAdvisor January 2019

"I was very fortunate to be the only participant on the Advanced Open Water course and therefore enjoyed a private course. Great coaching from my instructor, Jan. The dives sites were colourful and there were lots of things to see. The dorm on Sunset Beach was basic but fine after a busy day of diving. No wifi on that side of the island but I could easily do without for a few days. Finally I loved falling asleep and waking up to the sound of the waves!"

Chuckieace, TripAdvisor January 2019

"Dennis runs a really tight ship around the dive shop. They run all their dives extremely safely and have a great time doing it. I found all the divemasters and instructors to be really personable and knowledgeable. Mac, Dennis, and Lesco were all fantastic. The food, which they serve between dives, was great too! A couple things I wish I had known before I went to Koh Rong Samloem: if you’d prefer not to stay in a dorm, Huba Huba, Sleeping Trees, Sun Boo, and Robinson Bungalows are all within a 5 minute walk from the Dive Shop’s main office/dorm on the island; Sunset Beach is about a 45 minute walk through the jungle (and not a particularly pleasant one) from Saracen Bay and the ferries are a nightmare, so I think the dive shop’s boat would be the best way to get back and forth; while the main office/dorms don’t have the capability to run credit cards, their small office in Saracen Bay and Sihanoukville both do, and the guys were perfectly happy letting me pay at the end, after our trip back to Sihanoukville on the dive boat."

Wera, TripAdvisor January 2019

"I spend two days of dives doing Advnced Open Water Diver Course on Koh Rong Snloem with Mac. He's very patient and professional as a diver and also amusing as person. Actually all members of Dive Shop's team are super nice. Whole experience was totally worth it!"

Dennis W, TripAdvisor January 2019

"I highly recommend the Dive Shop. I had a wonderful time and the crew is so lovely and take good care of there customers. I had a refresher lesson and 4 dives within 2 days. Diving spots where just beautiful and the island is just like paradise. Saw a lot of beautiful, colorful fish. Even spotted puffer fish, nudybranchs, mollusks and Bat fish. Thank you guys for the wonderful time!"

Petra M, TripAdvisor November 2018

"I did 5 dives with them and stayed at their dorm on Koh Tong Sanloem for a night. They take good care of their gear and the staff as well as the owner are absolutely lovely people 😊 I highly recommend this place if you want to dive around Koh Rong! 👍"

xxsolo_travellerxx, TripAdvisor October 2018

"I dived with The Dive Shop for two days while staying on Koh Rong Sanloem at the start of September and had a really great time. The crew and dive team are friendly and supportive, especially if you haven't dived recently! The vegetable curry provided for lunch was delicious. Fresh water and fruit are also provided. Would dive with them again."

Marcus C, TripAdvisor August 2018

"As part of a Camps International trip to Cambodia, diving was part of out trip. The opportunity to learn to scuba and gain a Open water Padi. My main instructor was Mac, (the very British gentleman), he was very patient and spent a lot of time in the pool to make sure I gained the closed water skills first. It was well organised, and despite the slightly inclement weather they made sure we managed the open water dives too. A great experience that has led to a qualification for me. Everyone was pleasant, but a big shout out to Mac for me."

Paula B, TripAdvisor August 2018

"As part of a Camps International expedition to Cambodia we took a group of students to do a PADI course at the dive shop. All the instructors, without exception were fabulous- friendly and professional and gave us a great experience both in Sihanouk ville and on the island. I would highly recommend them."

Fbuchele, TripAdvisor June 2018

"I did my open water divers license with the dive shop on Koh Rong Sanloem. I found that the shop is pretty well organized. During the whole course I stayed on Koh Rong Sanloem. Which was - thanks to the flexibility of the staff - no problem at all. My divemaster, Giorgio taught me with great patience how to dive. I always felt save and well prepared for the exercises. If I failed with anything, we just practised over and over again, until I could do it. So all in all I can definitely recommend the dive shop for a course as well as for just a few dives. Thank you very much - especially to Giorgio - for the great experience."

beccabelieveit, TripAdvisor June 2018

"I completed my PADI Open Water through The Dive Shop Cambodia with Dominic. Dominic was patient, laid back but safety-oriented, and encouraging. When I panicked taking off my mask under water the first time Dominic was already inflating my vest before I knew what was happening. He offered other ways to go about completing the exercise and assured me that with time things would get easier -- he was right! I had a great experience with all the staff. I began emailing with them a few months before I arrived. Dennis was helpful and flexible -- he was okay with me moving the start of the course up a few days and gave me the option of completing the first day on Sihanoukville or Saracen Beach. Greg, Emanuel, Giorgio, etc -- all the staff were extremely warm, friendly, and encouraging. I was very tired after my first open water day and a couple staff members checked in on me during the ride back. Absolutely no complaints -- even the curry for lunch was good :). Thanks Dom, Dennis, and everyone at the Dive Shop!"

Kerry, TripAdvisor June 2018

"Choosing the right place for Divemaster training is crucial. Because the PADI rubric assesses trainees on professionalism and attitude as well as skills, it is easy to be exploited. I began my Divemaster training with another Sihanoukville company but was appalled by the boot camp atmosphere: I came into the Dive Shop and asked to change, explaining that I had special educational requirements and needed a gentle and nurturing training environment. I cannot speak highly enough of this company and how they made me feel comfortable and welcome. I felt that I was a guest and not a customer, and a member of the team not just a junior trainee. There was endless patience for my learning journey and a lot of laughter and enjoyment as well. If you want a macho, cookie cutter Divemaster training experience there are plenty of places that will put you through your paces and ensure you pass the tests. If you want to grow and develop as a human being in a training environment that respects and values you as an individual, then this is the place to come. Advanced diving training is not just about o-rings and skill circuits, it is also about learning to care for people, the local community and the ocean. My own experience was that as a diver with special educational needs I was loved and welcomed. The local community are treated with respect and warmth. The environmental standards are high. It was an honour to learn here."

Dennis B, TripAdvisor May 2018

"I did my open water course with Dennis. He strikes a perfect balance between strictness and encouragement/warmth. He's just a great and helpful teacher. Dennis was reassuring, encouraging and experienced - I knew I was in steady hands. I never felt unsave. I will come back, thanks a lot Dive Shop Team!"

jamalthiem, TripAdvisor April 2018

"Great Place. Good people and a lot of Know How theyre willing to share!! my sister and I were on a dive trip with our guide Dennis. I think he is the owner of the shop. as this was my first dive since years I was a little bit nervous but dennis cooled me down so i can enjoy it max. we found a great spot and had a blast on the boat and in the water. when we were back we had some beers with dennis and other dive masters in their own guesthouse. we decided to sleep there too :) we talked alot about cambodia, food, god and the world :) definitly recommend this place 100%"

Andy A, TripAdvisor April 2018

"I did my 4 day PADI Open Water Certification through TDSC and it was excellent. I only had a few hours available before the class began to study my instruction manual and Pete, my classroom instructor, was very helpful when I needed subjects clarified or had questions. I did my dives with a new-to-the-company Instructor named Dominic and he did an excellent job both instructing the evolutions that were going to take place and then demonstrating them in the water. My 4 day class ultimately took 5 days due to inclement weather and when I had to move to another resort down-island they were gracious enough to come pick me up in one of the small boats which saved a 45-60 minute hike around the island to get to their Sunset Beach location. After working in the education field for a number of years I would say that based on my experience the instructors at TDSC did an excellent job of conveying both the theoretical concepts of diving as well as the physical aspects. Would definitely dive with them again."

animehia, TripAdvisor March 2018

"I visited dive shop with my friend. I had two fun dives while he did snorkelling. The staff was super friendly and smiling. Very helpful during our whole communication through emails, ready to reply in all questions very polite! The dives were excellent, conducted by well trained instructors, ready to assist you at any time. I had read some reviews about providing crappy food on board. To our surprise the food was super tasty and nutricious (bananas, watermelon, coffee, tea and donuts for breakfast and then carry with sweet potatoes, vegetables and rice -yummyyy!). We stayed at their dorms, which we also found super nice! With mosquito net , wooden constuction, really proper for the island! The trip to the island itself is quite long, (2+ hours) and you might feel dizzy but the staff encourages you to have a nap whenever and wherever you feel like doing so! Oh! And the hammocks on the top of the boat.. great idea for the early -not so hot -hours! Thank you guys!"

Jennieanne96, TripAdvisor March 2018

"I went on a day trip snorkelling. I started from mainland sihanoukville and the boat to the island took 2.5 hours so bring something to do, I didn't realize so I just chilled on the hammock on the roof which was a nice touch. The snorkelling was great, there were life jackets so I could just bob about while watching the fish go by. The second place we stopped there were jellyfish so I couldn't go snorkelling, which was a shame but just luck of the draw really, and the staff on board were so friendly I didn't mind just chilling on the boat watching the beautiful scenery. Liam was especially nice, as was the man who worked on the boat, I didn't catch his name but he was very keen to speak with me and practice English. Lunch was also delicious :)"

Sophie L, TripAdvisor February 2018

"We went diving with The Dive Shop. One diver and one discovery diver. We found the place well organised and very nice staff. The dive site was ok, it all depends on where you've dived before. I first dived with Remi and Emmanuel as dive instructor and dive master and had a good experience. My boyfriend did his discovery with Tom, and we dived together then for his 2nd dive. Tom was very serious and show us lots of things, so he gave confidence and great first experience to my boyfriend. So now he's trapped in the scuba diver community 😊"

Deep H, TripAdvisor February 2018

"I did 4 fun dives with this company. We were picked up in the morning from M'Pai Bay with the boat. The Irish guy Tom was my guide, he was amazing and thoughtful. Due to his eagle eyes, he showed us a lot of creatures we would have missed otherwise. The boat and equipment is good, food was delicious. The organisation was also right."

Paradise, TripAdvisor February 2018

"The Dive Shop Family made me having a gr8 time in Sihanoukville ans tue island! Always very helpful and because of the different nationalities of the team you can snap interesting "Inside stories" of this city and the Country! Regarding Diving: I had a really bad open water course experience ages ago in Australia and went for the refresher course with Remy first and Joachim second. They really took care of me having problems with equalizing and I felt secure all the time-merci beaucoup Remy "Croutons" and Joachim! :p All in all nice places to stay and lovely people to dive with and to have around anyway!!! :D Thanks Dennis, Preya, Zia, Emanuelle,Liam and all other guys for everything&best wishes!!!Eve"

Nathan F, TripAdvisor February 2018

"Two very nice dives supervised by Tom who didn't miss anything to show us. Thank you for the good spirit of this journey and maybe see you another for a another dive!"

Natalia K, TripAdvisor February 2018

"I’ve done some fun dives with the Dive shop in January 2018. In three days, the dive sites never repeated. The general impression is just excellent: being professional instructors and guides, the guys seem to keep a sincere love for diving, which is generously shared with the guests (particularly grateful to my instructor: thank you for being so cool and patient, Liam!). The dive boat takes some time to get to the islands; however, the curry on board and cordiality of the Khmer boat crew makes it relaxing and fine. Besides the "Curry and diving" stamp in my logbook is the best now:) The sea is still rich with soft corals and small species – just keep the eyes open, or take the cam and get your memorable macro shots. I would dive with the guys again if ever happen to be back to this region."

Asger B, TripAdvisor January 2018

"My girlfriend and I took the open water course with Tom. It was great, eventhough he didn't train us in confined water, he quickly figured our level. It was always clear what was going to happen in the water. He always made sure that it was comfortable diving with him. I will for sure come back."

calemalu, TripAdvisor January 2018

"I had a great time with Joachim at my first dive in Cambodia. He’s a good teacher and have full control of what he’s doing."

Patric S, TripAdvisor January 2018

"Amazing and funny fellow with a lot of talents. If you book some dives with them, ask after Joachim and demand that he will be your instructor he is the best."

Raphael C, TripAdvisor January 2018

"I did my OWD with Liam and it was great. The whole 4 days were in english. Even If my "dive english" wasn't very good, Liam explained me with other words and visual elements what's important. The first day was theoretic and with some tests. Because of my english I was pushed and at the end of the day very tired. The practical parts (day two to four) were much better for me. I learned a lot about diving and I feel save about breathing under water, take off the mask and equalize my ears (just the first day I had problems with equalizing). I liked diving so much, that I canceled other plans to go on with the AOWD. I could continue with Liam and it was great again. We did five dives. The under water photography and night dive I liked most. The whole team was helpfull and friendly - on the mainland, the boat and on the island. Thank you for the great experience!"

Noel D, TripAdvisor December 2017

"Had a great time diving with Tom. He had great knowledge of the marine life near the island. Was doing the refresher since I dived after quite a while. He was quite good in refreshing the basics quickly and efficiently and then heading out to see the see the sights. The marine life was quite good despite the visibility not being that great. Overall really recommend the Dive Shop. They have a center at Koh rong samloem. I met their representative there and booked it. He took my sizes and everything was ready on the boat the next day. So was really overall satisfied with their service."

Damien D, TripAdvisor December 2017

"Spent a day out diving with Tom. Was a fantastic day, he knows the reef and dive sites of the back his hand. Will definitely be going back to dive with them when I have more time"

Nathanael E, TripAdvisor December 2017

"I went out for a two dives. Liam handled my refresher dive professionally and was excellent at pointing out what was worth seeing. I recommend this place."

Bryan 1983, TripAdvisor November 2017

"My partner and I dived out of the Koh Rong Samloem shop and I can't recommend the guys highly enough. My partner was doing a DSD and I was doing two fun dives and they were very willing to accommodate me doing my second dive with my partner. The guys are very professional and everything is done as it should be, but the big selling point for me was that the guys in the shop are just nice blokes. Pete and Dennis were looking after us on the dives and they dive at a nice pace so plenty of time to take photos and have a proper look. Also must mention two Canadian guys in the shop who were very helpful from the word go. Despite 2 days of storms the diving was lovely, the highlight being the seahorses in the sand. If you are planning to dive in Cambodia you won't do better than these guys."

krayzeekraut, TripAdvisor November 2017

"Great staff, terrific dive sites and warm hospitality off Koh Rong Sanloem. Thanks to Tom for sharing his knowledge and keeping us safe while still having fun."

Kerly Y, TripAdvisor November 2017

"I had an amazing time in Koh Rong Samloem with The Dive Shop! The staff were warm, helpful and responsive. I fell ill at the beginning of my stay due to overexhaustion prior to the trip, but they swiftly rescheduled my course for me - everything turned out so great! I did my open water course with Tom! Best instructor ever!!! He effortlessly strikes a perfect balance between strictness and encouragement/warmth. He's just a great great teacher. Tom was reassuring, encouraging and experienced - I knew I was in steady hands. Would love to have him for my Advanced course in the future! :) *One thing to note is that divers need to make a daily 30-min hike to and fro the free dorm accomodation as it is on the other side of the island. Perhaps would be good to consider staying on Saracen Bay instead :)"

ScandanaviaScramble, TripAdvisor November 2017

"I’ve had a great time in Cambodia for the past handful of days travelling, with learning to dive with Tom and The Dive Shop crew. Highly recommended if you are looking to learn or already dive."

Seawitch, TripAdvisor November 2017

"It was my 4th visit on Koh Rong Samloem! When I went there for the first time, I got an Open Water Diver Certificate. This time I went back there for taking the Advanced Open Water Course. The instructor I asked for was Tom. It's because we dived together about six times and I knew he is the trustworthy, well-experienced diver and he never disappoints me. The course wasn't as easy as I thought. However, Tom made me so relaxed and gave me a great confidence. I could completed my course with his big help! Again, thank you Tom and the all staff at the dive shop Cambodia. They picked me up and took me to different diving spots by their boat. I really enjoyed the boat trip and lunch they served. Now I am really looking froward to exploring more adventures by diving with them, especially with Tom."

MalindiC-T, TripAdvisor October 2017

"I signed up for the Open Water Diver Certification course with the dive shop. When I got to Koh Ring Sanloem Tom met me at the Dive Shop's "classroom"(it's an open air balcony looking over the beach, pretty awesome classroom). The first day was very low-key, we powered through the course material and I was excited and nervous to start diving on day two. On my first confined water dive I saw an octopus, thanks to Tom's keen underwater eyesight. That seemed an auspicious start and it continued. We progressed through the dives smoothly. Tom struck a great balance of making me feel comfortable, and challenged. When I had a bit off a panic on the first open water dive, he helped me stay calm, work my way through my panic, and not let me follow my instinct to get to the surface as fast as I could, which would have been unsafe for me, and made it hard to do another dive that day as well. He made the dive environment feel really safe. He has been diving for many years and I trusted his experience and expertise. I had a great time diving, and I absolutely understand the love that people have for diving now. I'm excited to be able to use my certification in the future. The whole team at The Dive Shop was great. They were kind, welcoming and accommodating. I was traveling by myself and they made sure that I was looked after and got where I needed to go. Thank you Tom and the Dive Shop."

Lee H, TripAdvisor October 2017

"We did an amazing dive at kho rong samloem with the instructor Dennis! He was so kind, attentive and professional!"

DiQual, TripAdvisor September 2017

"Very helpful staff from entering the shop for the first time until you say goodbye. I went for a few fun-dives, and the dive shop cambodia was super flexible to my needs and preferences. Thanks for a great time on the island!"

Leanne J, TripAdvisor September 2017

"I'd done only Resort (uncertified) dives before but really wanted to dive off Koh Rong Sanloem. Visited Sophia, on the island and she set me right up. Comprehensive refresher course and testing by a great instructor and away we went! I was really comfortable with the level of instruction and supervision and was taken care of superbly, both in the water and out. Thanks to all! 😎"

poopypantsabroad, TripAdvisor May 2017

"Best day ever!! Recommend hands down! We have always wanted to try scuba diving but we live inland so access is never easy and when we are on vacation they usually only allow ppl with PADI certification to dive. So when we were staying on Koh Rong Samloem for a week we came across The Dive Shop offering a Try Dive! So we were in. Please note: i have over 30yrs experience swimming, a couple of those as a competitive swimmer and i have taken all the Canadian lifeguard courses and my spouse is on an Emergency Response team and is very familiar with breathing apparatuses and an extremely strong swimmer as well so i would not recommend this to anyone who is not a moderate swimmer for your sake or the instructors. We had AMAZING instructors Lilli, Charlie and Lara. They took their time, explained everything and made sure we were 1000% comfortable before we headed in the water. Once in about 5ft of water we ran through drills 3x before diving in and it was amazing!!! I would recommend these guys hands down. Very professional, diligent and assuring through both dives. The curry and rice lunch was delicious too."

Paula R, TripAdvisor May 2017

"I booked a dive tour with the dive shop cambodia and it was a completely perfect experience: the staff is so nice, the prices are reasonable and the athmosphere is amazing. I want to thank you guys for everything, I had so much fun!!!"

Garance K, TripAdvisor April 2017

"We spend a beautiful day of dives in Koh Rong Soalem. The visibility was perfect, Aurelie the instructor was very nice, helpful and she took her time to show us some species. It was very good dives with her. Then, we have also a very good night dive with Chris. He is very nice too and he showed us many different species that we don't used to see during the day. Thank you Aurelie and Chris for your professionalism and your kindness."

Stephie E, TripAdvisor April 2017

"We are two girls who did a diving day with "the Dive Shop" and we really really enjoyed it! Isi dived her first time and I did a fun dive. They took care of us and we had the feeling they really like that we have a great, safe, and good time. A big thank you for that lovely day and dive with you guys. Best, Stephie from Munich"

Laura P, TripAdvisor April 2017

"We had an excellent day diving with the dive shop instructors. We did two fun dives with Aurelie. She was funny and really professional it was a pleasure for us to dive with her. I highly recommend her! The visibility was really good and we saw some beautiful things. We finished the day with a night dive which was a perfect first experience! Thanks to the dive shop and the team we had a wonderful time diving with u."

Kayla F, TripAdvisor February 2017

"We had a great experience with Dive Shop Cambodia! I had reached out to them prior to arriving in Cambodia and Zia was very helpful in getting everything set up before we arrived. When we checked in, they were able to help us figure everything out, including our transportation to and from the island and logistics for our travel out of Cambodia upon our return without any issue. The dive shop was amazingly helpful and the accommodation we stayed out while diving with them--Sleeping Trees on Koh Rong Samloem--was very peaceful and relaxed (although the jungle tents aren't as comfortable as you might like them to be). Overall the diving in Cambodia was good. The visibility was admittedly terrible--maybe 3-5 meters maximum in some places, but there was still a lot to see up close on the reef and the island was beautiful. All in all we had a great experience diving in Cambodia!"

Tiger T, TripAdvisor February 2017

"We just came back from a 4-day PADI open Water Diver Course with the Dive Shop Cambodia. The staff of the shop was more than welcoming and friendly. Everyone was very warmhearted and helpful in organizing our course. For the course, we went to the island of Koh Rong Samloem and dorm accommodation and lunch was included in the price for the course as well as all equipment needed. On the first day we studied the theory of open water diving in the best classroom ever with a view over Sunset Beach Bay. The following day we practiced diving in confined waters close to the pier before we went to our first open water dives ever with our brilliant instructor Mike. He took good care of us and explained everything we needed to know with patience and extraordinary knowledge. In moments we struggled with something he came up with good tips on how to improve and learn certain skills. We really appreciated having him as our teacher. It could not have been any better... We totally recommend taking PADI courses with the Dive Shop Cambodia. Thanks to everyone from the staff and especially to Mike, Dennis and all the others we got to know. We would do it again without any hesitation. Totally worth it!"

Nat S, TripAdvisor January 2017

"We contacted the dive shop for a fairly last minute night dive and two day dives. Zia quickly took care of everything, finding us a place to sleep in Koh Rong Samolen (I believe all or the dives are from the island) and arranging all the dives. After a very smooth and efficient booking, we got on the island and were greeted by Chris who was our dive instructor for all of our three dives. Chris and the team were absolutely wonderful! Everything was super professional and we got to see some really cool sea life. Overall we had a great experience with them!"

Sasha P, TripAdvisor January 2017

"Our children aged 14 and 16 took the Open Water dive course over NY. The teaching was excellent. Alex was kind, helpful and the perfect person to teach our kids. The diving has been seriously knocked but having dived all over the world, in some of the best places, i would say that this diving is for people of greater patience than the ordinary sound-bite kind. The visibility is not excellent but if you can think beyond that, you will see such an enormous variety of marine life and plant life."

George P, TripAdvisor December 2016

"Incredibly friendly, accommodating, hard working team. When the weather was too rough for our snorkelling trip, we were encouraged by the staff to go the next day instead. Everyone went out of their way to make sure we had s good time. Can't recommend highly enough."

wildchildwanderer, TripAdvisor December 2016

"I went to Koh Rong Sanloem for a short break and just happened to walk past The Dive Shop on my first evening; popped in for some info and ended up booking. Having not dived for a few years, I did a refresher and the Dive Master who took me (Chris) was fantastic. All the explanations and demonstrations were clear, comprehensive and easy to understand, he was extremely patient and reassuring. The conditions weren't the best due to the weather, but in terms of instructor, I can honestly say haven't had a better experience anywhere else!"

Christian R, TripAdvisor December 2016

"I did my open water diver course here and it was a fantastic expierience. Everyone from the team was very friendly. My dive instructor was Alex and he did a very professional job. Very frielndly and competent in theory and practical parts. I can highly recommend him and this dive shop gor the OWD course!"

Stevie R, TripAdvisor December 2016

"We chose The Dive Shop for our Open Water PADI certificate and so glad that we did! Our instructor was Jim, and he was fantastic! Very knowledgable and unbelievably passionate about diving; his main aim is to make sure that you enjoy diving whilst still learning all of the key skills. I personally had a few issues throughout the course but he was extremely patient and took time to ensure that we were happy with every part of the course and comfortable with what we were doing before moving on. Sunset beach is a beautiful location to spend a few days whilst doing a course. The dorm at The Dive Shop is very basic but you can't expect too much when you're staying on an idyllic part of the island with no wifi and limited electricity. All of the staff at The Dive Shop Sunset Beach are brilliant and make your feel really welcome throughout your stay - they were all really encouraging when they realised I had struggled with part of the course. I would 100% recommend The Dive Shop and even if you are planning to just do a dive day, try and stay for a night too to enjoy the Sunset at Sunset Beach."

Elize D, TripAdvisor December 2016

"I did the Padi open water dive course of 4 days at the island Koh Rong Saloem. I really recommend it to other people. I had a lot of fun and learned the diving in a very good way. In the day time it's all about diving but in the evening you can enjoy the island. My dive instructor was Jim Emdee. He was great! He took his time to learn me everything I had the know at my pace. I felt very safe with him onder water. He was very responsible, a good teatcher and took his time with me. Next to all the learning, I also had a great time with him. He has a very big passion for diving and gave me a little piece of it back home :-)"

Gethro63, TripAdvisor November 2016

"I recently dived with Dive Cambodia, i had originally pre Booked a Liveaboard2 day , 1 night Dive trip. But due to an Illness, was unable to keep that booking. Well, Chris went out of his way to cater for my diving wants without penalty. He gave me another 24 hours to recover and notify them the night before i needed to dive (due to flying schedule), and organised a 2 Dive day trip for me instead, The Dive Master,Jacques was a Total professional, with out the "attitude", you sometimes come accross when Diving around the world. He was Professional,humble and caring. Just what i needed, in the circumstances. If your in Sihanoukville and want to Dive or Snorkel, popinto Dive Cambodia. You will not be dissapointed."

Becca J, TripAdvisor November 2016

"Lovely day of diving with a knowledgable instructor. Camille helped us make the most of the dive despite low visibility. It was nice to be in small group too. There was a slight hilarious error with one of the diving boats sinking but the instructors dealt with it by diving in and rescuing things that had sunk such as plates and cutlery, which provided on board entertainment haha. Also shout out to Jim and Chris for giving me beer and chatting to me on the long journey back. Would definitely dive with this company again if I'm ever back in the area."

pantimio, TripAdvisor November 2016

"I made my padi Open Water Diver licence here. It was a great experience. The team and my instructor Alex were professional and really accurate. The gear is used and okay. The boat is above the Cambodian standard. Special thanks to the hapa garden team, to Joel and to Sia, from the Dive Shop team who where most lovely and warm hearted. It was a very joyful and pleasant stay on the island and with the Diveshop team. All good!"

happy2travelgirl, TripAdvisor November 2016

"Had a great time with our dive master Stephanie on our fun dive. Dive staff was fantastic. Not the most exciting dive sites, but well worth it none the less. Definitely recommend it!"

Luke H, TripAdvisor October 2016

"Did 2 Fundives after doing our PADI-Openwater course in Thailand 6 week earlier. Only cost 85$ and was an entire day. You go out on the dive-shop boat have a relaxing morning (my only criticism is that the breakfast could have been bigger) and by midday you arrive at the first diving location. We actually had the entire boat to ourselves. Although the visibility is "only" 8-10m you still see plenty of cool fish. After that you get lunch and get ready for the second dive. At roughly 3pm you then go back to Ko Rong Sanloem where you can (and should!) stay for a couple of nights . Some bungalows (for example the ones right next to the dive shop) have electrizity 24 hours and a couple of restaurants have wifi if you need it. The boat comes there every day and will take you back whenever you want. We also stayed in the new guesthouse which had nice rooms and was very clean. They just moved there and were still painting when we stayed but it was still very nice (specially the staff)."

austriantraveller85, TripAdvisor August 2016

"We booked the "Open water diver" course. Everything was very good. Especially our personal instructor Hannah was great. She really showed passion about what she was doing and taught us how to dive safely. Just within three days she taught a guy from the mountains how to dive in the ocean. Thank you again!"

Passport228810, TripAdvisor August 2016

"I usually don't write reviews, but we had a really good time with instructor Lucas. He's a great guy, not only as an instructor but also as a person. Take care!"

JuliTschakro, TripAdvisor August 2016

"We went to Koh Rong Samloem and they have a little "dive shop" right next to the place where everybody arrives. Everybody was really friendly there (we booked on the island, but it was off season!). We took a one day trip by boat with 2 dives (I never did diving before). The teacher (Hannah) was just amazing! She loves her job and you feel it! :) thank you so much! We really had a good time!"

dmnb86, TripAdvisor August 2016

"I have done my open water certificate at the Dive Shop. It was awesome. Hannah was a great instructor and you feel her passion for diving! Thank for the cool time and the great peopel!"

Geoll, TripAdvisor July 2016

"I had a two dive trip with Chris the Canadian, he was such a chilled out guy and made me feel safe the whole time. He showed me loads of cool stuff even though the visibility was back. He is a real asset to the staff!"

Danielle H, TripAdvisor June 2016

"On behalf of myself and my partner, we had very professional and fun instructors -Aaron and Lukas, and Fab during the Discover day! We feel safe and confident as divers now and had such a blast learning -myself as an open water padi diver, and my partner on his advanced course. Thank you guys, highly recommend! It was an eye-opener to see qualified divers from other companies join us, show a complete lack of ability and competence in the water. The Dive Shop have you in very safe hands!"

Alexander G, TripAdvisor April 2016

"So good I stayed for a month Great place, beautiful water, fantastic reef, and even better people. I got my open water certification here and fell in love with the island and the people on it so I stayed for my advanced and rescue courses as well, plus a few fun dive packages for a total of 27 dives. I recommend Chris for a relaxed meditative type of dive. Aaron and Bradley really know the sites and can usually point out lots of cool fish and reef life. Pete is always good for a laugh which made learning less of a chore. And if you plan on a longer stay the owner, Dennis, is very happy to make special arrangements for you so you enjoy the whole experience as much as possible during your stay. Everyone is easy going, knowledgeable and friendly. I'm definitely coming back again, and when I do I might not leave."

Indute, TripAdvisor April 2016

"Dive shop has all the needed equipment for you to enjoy your dive at maximum security. They have comfortable boats to take you on the dive trip. You get two dives per day. Breakfast and lunch on a boat are included- I must mention the rice and curry everyday was delicious! Instructors and monitors are experienced and in addition fun to enjoy the time together! Great choice !"

Ashleigh C, TripAdvisor April 2016

"If you want to learn to dive from some awesome, down to earth, friendly and fun people in one of the most unspoiled beautiful, uncrowded beaches in Cambodia then come here! One of only a few cute establishments along sunset beach, and a 40min beautiful bush walk from wifi and tourists, the dive shop is the perfect place to relax and learn to dive. I was one on one with my instructors for my whole open water course, and so was my partner who did a rescue dive course. The people at the dive shop really looked after us and both the diving and snorkelling was great. If you go be sure to check out the large shoal of anchovies at the end of the wharf you can swim in. Cheers to Aaron, Fab and the rest of the team!!!"

MMurdoch13, TripAdvisor April 2016

"I've just arrived back on the mainland from an amazing four days on Koh Rong Samloem (Cambodia) getting my Open Water Diver Certification. It was an incredible experience from start to finish. From the unspoiled island, the fellow divers and staff, and finding a whole new world to explore – it was an unforgettable experience. The first day of our course was theory. Pete – an awesome Aussie guy with a tongue ring and pony tail – would be our classroom instructor. He had a great sense of humour and I was sad that he was only with us for the one day. We spent the day going through all of the theory, doing quizzes and ending with our final exam after dinner. There was so much to learn. I wondered how we could remember it all. The next day, we were joined by our second instructor Fabrice – a guy from France who has over 7000 dives and has trained more than 1000 people. He knows every reef, every species of fish and every inch of the underwater world in this area having scuba’d his way around the island over 5 times. An incredible amount of experience. His English was great but is French accent provided more than a few good laughs! My first breaths under water were awesome! In the shallow water of the beach, we proceeded to go over all the necessary skills. We practiced taking our mask off underwater and replacing it, switching from snorkel to regulator, inflating our buoyancy vest orally and swimming without air in the case we ran out. It was so much information that it was like drinking from a hose. I literally swallowed more than my fair share of salt water. I pity the people who have learned these skills within the confines of a swimming pool. Even while practicing in 10 feet of water, we saw schools of fish including one of crocodile needlefish as well as many sea urchins hiding in the sand. The third day was our first day of diving in open water. I was more than a little nervous. I was worried about my ears not equalizing properly and about feeling claustrophobic under so much water. After all, scuba diving is like nothing I’d ever done before. I couldn't just figure it out as I went. Fortunately, we were in good hands with instructors like Pete and Fabrice. Our first day of diving went really well. We were joined by another group of “fun divers”. Upon resurfacing everyone talked about all the fish and different organisms seen below. Apparently, I missed quite a few as I was so focused on remembering to breath. Woops! I guess it didn't matter though. When we got back to the island, a new English friend named Kat asked me how my first two dives had gone. As she would later recount to a round of laughter, I turned to her with wide eyes, a huge smile and excitedly told her about every detail. The day was a great success and I couldn’t wait to dive again. Not surprisingly, our second and final day of diving was even better. Once I got down to the sea floor (it took me a bit longer as one of my ears didn’t equalize very well), the first dive was amazing. There was so much to look at and now I could enjoy so much more of the view that I had missed the first day. By maintaining my buoyancy (staying at the same depth by controlling the amount of air in my lungs), I could avoid equalizing more often and could focus on the amazing underwater world. The coral was really impressive. It almost seemed fake. Even though you lose colour the deeper you go (due to the refracting light), the colours still seemed so bright. Among many others, we saw a school of curious orbicular batfish who swam with us for a while (Google them - they are so cute!). We also saw a school of cobias that look like a cousin of the shark but aren’t and are actually quite skittish. One of the cooler fish we saw was a scorpion fish who camouflaged itself so well that it was hard to distinguish it from the coral it was lying on. Perhaps the funniest sight we saw was upon resurfacing. With our dive boat a few hundred meters offshore, the area was quiet that day. Besides our bubbles floating to the surface from deep below, the sea was empty. The three of us surfaced with little more than an inflated marker to note our presence for boats. I guess that’s why the two topless girls tanning on the rocks didn’t see us. It was Fabrice’s keen eye that spotted them. Much to our enjoyment, they quickly saw us too and scurried off the rocks grabbing their towels. We waved hello just to make sure they knew we’d seen them. Ha ha. After a lunch of curry, we were on to our final dive. This dive wasn’t quite as colourful as the first one but it was exhilarating being so deep at 16 meters. We surfaced our final dive with huge smiles and a hearty congratulations from Fabrice. We passed! Getting my open water certification was such a rewarding experience. I think, in part, because I was scared that I might not be able to do it. I did it and I loved it. I felt challenged and refreshed by learning something new. I would and have recommended doing your Open Water certification with The Dive Shop in Sihanoukville to almost anyone who will listen to me!"

Elammlamm, TripAdvisor May 2016

"Great group of guys from Pete the guy who signed me up to the dive instructor and the local crew opertaing the boat. Good equipment and cheaper than the other diving clubs."

montrealsix, TripAdvisor February 2016

"I did 4 fun dives in two days with The dive shop, the DM were each time great and safe, I slept in the dorm in the wild west coast, enjoy a clear, clean and almost empty beach, ate every vegan option in Happa menu, meet great people (Anne, ...). Stayed two nights and leave for PP, should had stayed one week instead!"

Jessica R, TripAdvisor January 2016

"We were so pleased with our experience with The Dive Shop. Dennis helped us organise ourselves from Australia, helping us with dates, accommodation and general information regarding getting our dive licenses. We spent 3 nights on Koh Rong whilst we got our licenses and thoroughly enjoyed our experience there. It was by far our favourite place that we've ever stayed, but have a look into it before hand because if you're a person that needs wifi, electricity and a hot shower, you may get a bit of a shock. If you like nature, natural beauty and an adventure then you're in for a treat. Lastly, our instructor, Aaron, was a legend. I found diving much more intimidating and difficult than I anticipated and he was so incredibly kind and patient. On the boat and on the island the other instructors were also really supportive and happy to share their passion. We never wanted to leave."

Jean D, TripAdvisor December 2015

"I have known the dive shop for over 4 years now and keep coming back to them! I did my first experience with them in Koh Rong, from open water to rescue diver with a really great instructor (Fred). It is now situated in Koh Rong Samloem at the remote sunset beach, the situation is just awesome, surrounded by jungle. Iit is very good locations for courses has their is shallow waters right in the front of the shop. I actually really enjoy the boats, they are local fishing boats, and have been well arranged for diving, I do not not understand the bad reviews about it has those boats are commonly used there buy dive operators, and with over 100 dives with the Dive Shop I never had any broke down or any problems. To me they are well maintained, I guess it is different with european or american standards, but this is Cambodia and it makes all the charm of it ! and you get a good breakfast on your way to the Island, so... what else ;) I have always met very friendly and professional dive instructors (Fred,Oussine, Jack, Jojo...) and dive guides at the Dive shop. Aron (main instructor there) is probably one of the most passionated divers I know. So I would say that I would surely return there again and again for its relaxing atmosphere and great crew. Many thanks to Denis and all the Dive shop team, now diving takes a big part of my life and my 1 st experience with them was all I needed !"

high2wer, TripAdvisor November 2015

"This was our first dive after we completed our Open Water. We called them to ask if we could fit on the dive the next day. In about half an hour Fabrice was at our accommodation, signing us up. We were picked up in a tuk tuk the next morning. Really easy. The ride in the boat was nice, but a long way to the island and back in one day (3 hours each way) - stay on the island if you can. Breakfast was water melon and sweet pastries. Coffee and tea available all day. Take something to cover you up (the sun gets hot and you can't always get out of it). Our dive guide, Pete, was great. Good fun and knowledgeable. All instructors/guides had a respect for the ocean, lots of laughs. The visibility was not great when we went but we saw lots of huge coral and tropical fish. Thanks guys!"

Malin N, TripAdvisor October 2015

"Me and my friend took our OW certificate with the Dive Shop and it was truly an amizing time! Aaron, our teacher, was calm and helpful, very trustworthy and fun. The other staff were also very friendly and helpful. I like that there were no stressful ambiance and that being more or less alone on an island was like a dream."

Amy L, TripAdvisor September 2015

"I went on a trip with The Dive Shop and had an amazing experience. The staff is helpful, the owner isn't overbearing. The instructors are hands-on when needed, and back off when unneeded. I met a guy on my trip and we started dating since meeting. That was three months ago. Recently I reached out to the dive shop and asked if an employee might take something over to a hotel just down the street as a surprise for my boyfriend. Not only did they - but they did so quickly! Not only do the employees like what they do, they have a vested interest in SERVICE and serving divers and snorkelers with care. I loved feeling like an individual person, not just another diver/number in their day. The food on the boat was great, and the boat on the ride to the island has a rooftop (great for getting to know someone...or to hang in a group!)."

Lori Q, TripAdvisor September 2015

"We did our open water PADI certification with Ed! He was great, patient, and thorough. It was a bit rainy so our visibility wasn't great, but the experience was worthwhile. The food was tasty and the instructors were friendly! They were quick to respond to emails and answered all our questions so that when we arrived we were expected and felt organized! They only take cash for the course...didn't know that prior to, but an ATM was directly across the street!"

Àlvar M, TripAdvisor August 2015

"We were astonished when we arrived at Koh Rong Samleum bay where the dive shop is located! The beach is unspoiled though the pier, so it is gorgeous and peaceful. what a romantic site!! We dived twice (DLD) and everything was perfect except for the visibility which was below average in the South East Asia...However, I truly recommend to dive there if you have the chance. The staff is very professional, friendly, practising safe responsible diving and make it more fun. We also hike to the other part of the island through the thick wet forest. In one day hike you can reach the light house which has really nice views from the top."

Jeroen K, TripAdvisor August 2015

"In July 2015 I made 6 fun dives with a dive instructor working for the Dive Shop. I stayed at Robinson resort on the Island Koh Rong Samloem. What a relaxed island, very little tourism (esp. during low season). First, the Dive Shop owner was very welcome and helpful. Second, the material was in perfect state. Third, the dives lasted between 55 and 60 minutes - could have been longer, but 60 minutes is enough for me. The Dive instructor was friendly, was an expert in marine life & explained about things we observed during the dives. Diving in Cambodia is not that well known among tourists and dive enthusiasts, but in these 6 dives here I've seen more interesting and spectacular marine life then with my 10 fun dives 3 weeks later in Koh Tao (Thailand)."

Tammie J, TripAdvisor January 2020


Tammie J, TripAdvisor January 2020


Tammie J, TripAdvisor January 2020


Tammie J, TripAdvisor January 2020


Tammie J, TripAdvisor January 2020


Tammie J, TripAdvisor January 2020


Tammie J, TripAdvisor January 2020


Tammie J, TripAdvisor January 2020


Worldwide Testimonials

Simon P, TripAdvisor June 2020

"Ich habe von Januar bis März denn Kurs zum Padi Divemaster mit dem Diveshop gemacht. Ray, mein Instruktor war ein grossartiger Lehrer und Weggefährte in meiner Zeit auf Koh Rong Samloem. Er macht seinen Job mit sehr sehr viel leidenschaft und ausdauer. ( thanks mate and hopefully see you soon) Das ganze Ambiente am Sunsetbeach ist einfach unfassbar toll und ich hatte eine super Zeit im und auf dem Wasser mit vielen tollen Tauchgängen und Fischen, netten Leuten und geiles Essen."

Veronika N, TripAdvisor April 2020

"Eines der besten Erlebnisse auf unserer Reise war definitiv den Tauchschein zu machen. Wir machten den 4 tägigen Kurs für den Open Advance Schein. Es hat uns richtig Spaß gemacht. Außerdem waren alle sehr hilfsbereit, freundlich und sehr professionell. Wir können es jeden sehr Empfehlen! Für uns war es sehr hilfreich, dass wir den Kurs auf Deutsch machen durften (Mit Dennis dem Chef) Außerdem half er uns auch mit anderen Problemen z.B das wir unser verlorenes Gepäckstück zurückbekamen. Wären am liebsten noch viel länger dort geblieben. Die Tauchgänge sind echt cool, wunderschön und man lernt alles sehr genau."

Werner S, TripAdvisor February 2020

"Super Tauchschule die sich wirklich um alles kümmert und bietet. Sonne, Strand, Unterkunft, Essen und auch noch den Tauchschein. Wir haben den Open Water Diver am Sunset Beach in vier Tagen gemacht. Alles hat super funktioniert und war perfekt geplant. Im Tauchschein war bei uns die Fahrt auf die Insel Koh Rong Sanloem sowie die Rückfahrt inkludiert. Mittagscurry welches von der einheimischen Familie auf der Insel gekocht wird war auch jeden Tag dabei."

Fran C, TripAdvisor January 2020

"Lerne tauchen in kürzester Zeit an einem traumhaften und intaktem Riff mit kunterbunter Unterwasserwelt und perfekten Sonnenuntergang am Traumstrand! Als ich auf Koh Rong Samloen ankam, war ich mir noch gar nicht sicher, ob ich erstmal ein Discovery dive oder gleich den Open water Kurs machen soll, aber dank Junior&Sam gab es keinen Weg zurück mehr! Mein Tauchlehrer Ray und eine weitere Tauchschülerin warteten schon auf mich, bevor ich überhaupt einen Fuß auf den weichen Sand des Sunset Beach gesetzt hatte. Der Diveshop organisiert die Anreise aus Sihanoukville samt Tuk Tuk und Boot und es ist im Preis zum Tauchkurs enthalten, genauso wie ein Bett mit Moskitonetz im Dorm, Trinkwasser/Tee & Kaffee und das beste veggie-Curry aller Zeiten für die Dauer des Tauchkurses. Top-Service !! Das Tauchen zu lernen war für mich ein Prozess, meine Angst vor den Risiken zu überwinden und daher auch mit Stress für mich verbunden. Alle Informationen und das Lehrbuch waren auf Nachfrage auf deutsch und englisch vorhanden, was mir das Verständnis wesentlich erleichterte. Ich hatte am 3. Tag leider eine Blockade und Migräne und Bedenken damit ins und unter Wasser zu gehen. Mein Tauchlehrer Ray und mein Travelbuddy Christina haben mir hier durch geholfen. Am letzten Tag hat uns das Team 2h zum Tauchen nach Koh Tang gebracht (20USD extra, aber absolut Wert!), wo wir mit 18m kristallklarem Wasser, Blaupunktrochen, Kugelfischen, Skorpionfisch, Tintenfischen, riesigen bunten Korallenlandschaften und Anemonen zum Kursabschluss belohnt wurden. Leider war die Strömung recht stark, sodass wir auch gleich das Driften geübt haben. Ich muss sagen, dass ich mich noch nicht 100% sicher und in Kontrolle darüber, was ich da unten mache und wie ich mich bewege, gefühlt habe. Dazu braucht es für mich wohl noch einige Übungstauchgänge mehr. Ray war geduldig mit mir und hat mir trotz einiger Fehler, immer wieder eine Chance zum Lernen gegeben und uns sogar ein paar witzige Skills über und unter Wasser beigebracht. Das gesamte Diveshop-Team um Dominik, Ray, Junior, Simon, Sam, Anne, die Kapitäne, die Khmer-Familie an Land und Zia im Office ist gemütlich unterwegs und unterstützt dich auf deiner Reise von der Über- in die Unterwasserwelt auf ganz individuelle Weise. Die Crew ist immer gut gelaunt, kreativ und auch nach Schulschluss noch für alle Fragen und Sorgen ansprechbar und gibt dem Sunset-Beach seinen legendären laid-back Paradies-Charakter. Sehr inspirierende und einzigartige Persönlichkeiten, die das Taucherlebnis zum echten Abenteuer machen !"

Laurence, TripAdvisor June 2019

"Une équipe géniale et très professionnelle dans un superbe cadre! J’ai passé mon Open Water avec eux et ils m’ont fait me sentir très à l’aise et surtout en sécurité à chaque minute. Comme promis par mon instructeur, j’ai vu un millier de poissons! Je suis ravie d’avoir fais mes premières plongées avec eux!"

Batrice, TripAdvisor March 2019

"Nous avons plongée avec Dennis et Anne. Instructeurs géniaux et très professionnels Nous avons vu beaucoup de poissons et nous avons été très bien formés et rassuré. Réservation depuis la France plusieurs moi en avance. Journée au top. Grand merci à toute l'équipe et je recommande ce centre de plongée."

Robert N, TripAdvisor January 2019

"Ich habe meinen Open Water Diver hier gemacht und fühlte mich vom internationalen Divemaster / Instuctor-Team bestens betreut! Die Organisation war absolut top. Ich würde jederzeit wieder mit ihnen tauchen gehen. Allerdings ist es zur Tauchbasis am Sunset Beach ein gutes Stück zu laufen, wenn man nicht im (für Teilnehmer kostenlosen) Dorm der Tauchbasis schlafen möchte. Dennoch: Gern wieder!"

Davzum, TripAdvisor January 2019

"Wir durften mit dem Dive Shop sechs tolle Fun Dives erleben. Die Sicht unter Wasser war wegen des vorangegangenen Sturms nicht immer top, aber die Tauchgänge mit Lesco und Jan als Divemaster waren jeweils super, Kompliment den Beiden! Die Anreise von Sihanoukville vom Dive Shop war bestens organisiert und die Verpflegung an Bord war gut, aber etwas einseitig (vegetarisches Curry mit Reis). Wir empfehlen den Dive Shop gerne weiter! Danke euch!"

Dennis U, TripAdvisor January 2019

"Hier lief alles wie am Schnürchen, der Chef Dennis hat alles im Blick. Es war alles gut vorbereitet und auch durchgeführt. Danke Dennis"

Wanderer, TripAdvisor November 2018

"Mein Freund und ich haben Anfang November zwei Schnuppertauchgänge gemacht. Bereits die Buchung und alle Absprachen verliefen einwandfrei, die Tauchutensilien wirkten gepflegt und sauber. Vor dem ersten Tauchgang wurde uns von Mac alles sehr gut erklärt. Auch beim tauchen an sich fühlten wir uns total gut betreut, allerdings ließ Mac uns auch die Möglichkeit, selbst alles unterwasser zu erkunden, was wir als sehr positiv wahrnahmen. Beim zweiten Tauchgang machte er mit seiner gopro viele Bilder von uns, den Korallen und den Fischen, die er uns anschließend per E-Mail zur Verfügung stellte. Somit konnten wir uns voll und ganz auf unsere Umgebung konzentrieren. Insgesamt kann man sagen, dass wir mehr bekommen haben, als wir erwartet hätten - eine super Einweisung, zwei Tauchgänge à 45 Minuten (sie fühlten sich viel kürzer an), einen kleinen lunch an Bord eines gemütlichen Schiffes und einfach eine super Rund-um-Betreuung, an der wir nichts kritisieren können. In Anbetracht dieser Feststellung können wir nur jedem empfehlen, die Kosten für diese Unternehmung aufzubringen, um einen wundervollen Tag zu verbringen."

GoPlaces, TripAdvisor November 2018

"Wir haben dieses Jahr im Januar unsere Tauchausbildungen bei Dennis Funke (The Dive Shop Sihanoukville, Cambodia ) machen dürfen. Wir waren begeistert von der Freundlichkeit und der Fachkunde der Dive Lehrer. Ebenso auf dem Boot und der Insel war alles perfekt organisiert! Uns hat die Atmosphäre und das Ambiente welches das Team von Dennis F. geschaffen hat sehr gefallen!! Wir können Die Tauchschule von Dennis (The Dive Shop) sehr empfehlen!!"

Alexander T, TripAdvisor September 2018

"Wir waren zu zweit und hatten uns eine deutsche Tauchschule für unseren Open Water Tauchkurs gesucht. Die Email Korrespondenz vor dem eintreffen war ausgezeichnet, wir haben alle Möglichkeiten aufgezählt bekommen und kleinere kurzfristige Änderungen unsererseits (Ankunftstag) waren auch kein Problem. Wir waren zum Anprobieren einen Tag vorher dort, die Frau des Besitzers hat uns herzlich empfangen und im Bezug auf die Ausrüstung gut beraten. Am folgenden Morgen sind wir von der Tauchschule bereits von unserem Guide abgeholt und auf die Insel mitgenommen worden. Bei dem Boot handelte es sich bereits um das Tauchboot, kleines Frühstück mit Obst, Wasser, Kaffee, Tee, Hängematte. Die Insel ist traumhaft schön, der etwas touristische Saracen Beach aber auch der Idyllische ruhige Sunset Beach. Bei letzterem (mit den Diveshop Dorms) unbedingt feste Schuhe einpacken. Es gibt keine Straßen und der Dschungelweg ist teilweise rutschig. (Wir hatten nur Birkenstock und Flipflops dabei. Es war machbar!) Zu guter letzt, der eigentliche Tauchkurs: Wir haben uns zu jeder Zeit gut aufgehoben gefühlt. Unser Instructor hat sich Zeit genommen, ist auf Probleme eingegangen, alles Super erklärt und ist mehrmals sicher gegangen, dass wir es verstanden haben. Die anderen Instructor auf dem Boot waren ebenfalls Hilfsbereit und Nett. Alles in allem kann ich The Dive Shop Cambodia wärmstens weiterempfehlen!"

Börge H, TripAdvisor September 2018

"Wir 2 Advanced Diver Parents hatten eine super Woche mit dem gesamten Team. Thanks to 2x Dominik, Dennis & Graig"

jbhard, TripAdvisor May 2018

"Wie hatten fünf tolle Kurstage mit Liam. Trotz schlechter Sicht lief alles super und wir fühlten uns sehr wohl! Im Preis inkludiert ist gutes curry zu Mittag und ein Bett im Schlafsaal am schönsten Strand (30min entfernt, aber den Spaziergang wert). Sehr professionelles Auftreten - alles wunderbar !"

mlvignon, TripAdvisor February 2018

"Nous avons passé une excellente journée pour cette sortie en snorkelling à koh rong samloem en compagnie de deux instructeurs qualifiés qui nous ont indiqué les meilleurs spots. Tout est fait pour que vous passiez une agréable excursion du matin jusqu'à la fin de journée (petit déjeuner, déjeuner, eau, etc). Un excellent rapport qualité. Une compagnie à recommander sans hésiter !"

Polo, TripAdvisor January 2018

"Passer notre PADI open water au dive shop était une super expérience. Nous avons été encadré par un instructeur francophone - Rémy - passionné et très interessant que nous recommandons vivement !! Très professionnel, il a su nous mettre en confiance et connait très bien les fonds marins. Les plongées ont toutes eut lieu autour de Koh Rong Sanloem, île proche de sihanoukville où le dive shop vous propose de rester si vous plongez plusieurs jours de suite. Y aller ajoute un réel charme à l'expérience. Nous gardons d'excellents souvenirs de ces 4 jours ! Nous recommandons vivement cette compagnie !"

Tammie J, TripAdvisor January 2020


Tammie J, TripAdvisor January 2020


Tammie J, TripAdvisor January 2020


Tammie J, TripAdvisor January 2020